Hi, my name is Kris Bainbridge, and I’m from Auckland, New Zealand. This is my personal website, where I post various ramblings and host various projects.

By day I’m a System Administrator for an educational institution, dealing mostly with Windows platforms, doing everything from desktop support to server deployment and operations, to wrangling basic web stuff and staring blankly at whatever sort of stuff gets classed as ‘ICT’ and trying to figure it out. Very much jack of all trades stuff.

The rest of the time I…well….do more geek work on various projects, spend a lot of time involved in nightlife, particularly anything related to breaks, drum & bass and keeping local publicans in business. I also enjoy “chilling” with my “bros”, discussing the problems of the world and how things would be different under my regime. I also have a hearty interest in all things culinary and automotive. In past lives, I’ve worked at technology companies in the education field, been a swimming coach and even a professional pie dealer. Yes, really.