don’t you just wish they could go on and on and on and on and on? still got a while to go myself, but already i’ve drunken too much, eaten too much, sunbathed too much and so on a so forth.

beachwise, so far i have hit: Te Haruhi Bay

here, i got badly sunburnt on my back because i am an idiot 🙂 myself, ele, kate, damien and pete made the trip, was awesome weather and super warm, calm water.

and today, Karekare

myself, tony g, ellie, sayra, ele, kate, amber, felix, rach and ben made the trek. oh and kaiser. then we went back to ele’s and dominated $55 worth of traditional kiwi fish n chips. and picked up a few strays in the form of dalai and mr and mrs page.

for those unaware, karekare is a west coast beach just to the south of piha, a spot even many aucklander’s don’t even know exists, let alone have actually gone to. famous as the primary location of the film The Piano, Karekare holds (like piha, and the rest of auckland’s west coast beaches) a very special place in my heart. i’ve spent so much time there as i’ve grown up, i can’t bare the thought of not going out there.

auckland’s west coast beaches are places of such immense scope, natural beauty and power, that i love going there even in the depths of winter. hell, i’ve scaled lion rock and sat with my feet dangling over the forbidden cliffs edge in the middle of a storm. sitting listening to meters high waves crashing unseen below you because of the fog is quite something to behold. there’s something very spiritual about the area to me, a combination of legend, real history and personal experience.

for me, nothing can beat the feeling of being there, no matter what the weather. weak willed types who never grew up with it may complain about the hot black sand, the tough and sometimes deadly surf, the dangerous and long drive, the lack of parking and amenities, but for those who grew up in west auckland, it’s a place that just can’t be beat. hot black sand? not so bad, it’s hot everywhere anyway. deadly surf? that’s not deadly, it’s exciting! long drive? pffft, can be done in 20 mins from the western ‘burbs. fuckin LOVE it.

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