jake’s awesome sculpture

jake is an old friend of mine from kelston days. he’s a stunning metal worker, most of the time i’ve known him to work in foundries and the like. among his many skills, he’s also a wicked artist.

on saturday night, a few of us missioned out to his leaving party, as he’s about to head off to the UK for a few years, and i took the chance to finally grab some pics of some of his work. warning: crappy cellphone pics ahoy.

scale: about 4 inches tall, cast bronze.

awesome, awesome dragon, probably my favorite pieces. about 8 inches high, cast bronze, all the sharp points like the teeth and claws are sharp enough to cut you badly, and the detail is stunning, the skin even has scales that are shaped differently in places like the folded elbow. weighs a fucking ton. you’ll see he has two sitting there, and the first sculpture in the background.

awesome predator/alien type thing and a violinist made out of essentially scrap. very cool.

a hugely talented individual with a passion for what he does. not pictured: the massive sword he made out of a discarded land rover leaf spring.

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