well not quite crippled, but certainly not at my best. a few weeks back (after tayo in fact) i noticed a fair bit of pain in my right foot, i could hardly bear weight on it. assuming i had just twisted or knocked it somehow, i proceeded to walk it off.

a week and a half later when it hadn’t improved at all and i realised it was actually quite swollen, i decided it was just getting stupid, so off the see a registered medical professional i went. i was xrayed, bandaged and given anti-inflammatories and sweet sweet codiene which helped a great deal and gave me movement back.

after quite a few days of phone tag, i went in for follow up today. turns out i’ve got some bone fragments just off the navicular bone in my foot. (in the middle, click for clearer fullsize view)
so, seemingly not life threatening, in fact not a lot to do. back on meds again after running out on the weekend and overdoing it a bit being on my feet so much on saturday at koma & bones. back again next week for another follow up. *sigh* it sucks being old and falling apart. 🙁

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