Editing the Herald

Just a quick plug for any of you who don’t follow Editing the Herald. It’s daily required reading for me. Highly entertaining. I find his ruthless slaying of the mouthbreathers that frequent the Your Views section always gets a hearty laugh out of me. Example:

WelshJerry (Waiheke Island): I am an Inuit from Nunuvthat originally, now living in your beautiful town of Huntley. When I first came here I was shocked to see Eskimo sweets on the shelves, but I was persuaded to try one, and found them so delicious that I was able to put aside my concerns that they carried racist overtones. I now enjoy a packet of Eskimos every week, and my children are addicted to them.

I have my suspicions that this poster may not be all that he seems:

  • He misspells Nunavut.
  • His name is clearly Welshjerry, not Inuitjerry.
  • He claims to live both in Huntly and on Waiheke.
  • He refers to Huntly as ‘beautiful’.

As such, I reject his hypothesis that the lollies are too delicious to be racist.