Trip Report: Greggs Jellytime Cold Water Jelly

WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?!?! Jelly that is made with cold water and sets in an hour? This had to be tested.

2 cups of water, stir in jelly using a whisk, and whisk for 2 minutes. Stick in fridge. End product looks like jelly, with the exception of a rougher surface.

It’s slightly wobblier than conventional jelly, so care should be taken while serving. Once in the bowl, it takes on the appearance of a conventional jelly.

In fact, once condiments have been applied in the form of fresh cream, I suspect no one would be the wiser to your subterfuge.

As for the all important taste test, I chose ‘Red’ flavour. I guess it’s strawberry, not sure since the pack is already in the bin. It’s ever so slightly bland, but still perfectly acceptable. The safety and convenience factor wins out totally!

Satisfied customer! And yes, I am eating from a pink bowl with polka dots on it. WHAT OF IT???

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