Apex vs Funk’N’Slocuts Mix Jan 2009

Liquid Stranger – Hex’d & Perplex’d
Kid Cudi – Embrace the martian (krookers remix)
Dylan Rhymes – unknown
Alex Metric – unknown
Tim Berg – Alcoholic
TC – Whers my money (elite force remix)
Culprate – Dont do that
Beatman and Ludmilla – Moldova
unkown massive electro tune
Bass & Fire – Fussion
Funk’N’Slocuts – Come Running
Plastic Shell – Channel Blocker
Fake Blood – Mars
Specimen A – Hard Times
Rennie Pilgrim – The rich rule us (Funk’N’Slocuts Remix)
Beatman and Ludmilla – Lizarb the sad clown (Plastic Shell Remix)
Minuit – Aotearoa (Funk’n’Slocuts Remix)

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