Problem > Solution

Scenario: We just got some new Dell Latitude 2110 netbooks, to go with our existing set of 8 2100’s.

Existing 2100.

Problem: The new ones ship with high capacity batteries, which are twice as thick. This means they don’t fit in the expensive trolley we have to store and transport them in.

New 2110

Back to back

The holes they have to fit in

Solution: Brute force and sheer ignorance!


Grind off the little foot nub thing!

Now it fits! Job well done.

Andy Bukshot Minimix

30 minute minimix from the one like Andy Bukshot!

Tim Healy – Rio (Slyde remix)
Slyde – Move Your Body
Empire of the Sun – Walking on a dream (Krafty Kuts remix)
DJ Zinc – Killa Sound (Heavyfeet Remix)
Nick Thayer – Zombies
Christian J / Dylan Rhymes – Party People (Elite Force re-edit)
Elite Force – The Law of Life (re-edit)
Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemoller remix)

Right click, save as!

Breaking Bad [SPOILERS]

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad S03 E12 yet, then you DO not want to scroll down. If you don’t watch the show at all, fix up, because it’s FUCKING AWESOME.

So so so so soooooooo awesome and out of the blue. Even a fucking headshot from Walt? This aint your mothers Bryan Cranston that’s for sure!

M-car Dreaming

So as the car nut is often wont to do, I found myself idly perusing TradeMe for cars I could never afford, when I found a couple of 80’s classics I really like. Which gave me an idea: collect the whole set! :>

1987 E28 BMW M5 – $26,000
3.5l straight 6, 210kw

1991 E34 BMW M5 – $18,000
3.6l straight 6, 235kw

2002 E39 BMW M5 – $56,000
4.9l V8, 294kw

2006 E60 BMW M5 – $114,900
5.0l V10, 373kw

1990 E30 BMW M3 – $49,000
2.3l 4-cyl, 158kw

1996 E36 BMW M3 Evo – $18,500
3.2l straight 6, 236kw

2003 E46 BMW M3 Convertible – $51,697
3.2l straight 6, 252kw

2009 E90 BMW M3 – $129,999
4.0l V8, 309kw

1983 E24 BMW M635CSi – $29,995
3.5l straight 6, 210kw

2005 E63 BMW M6 – $109,900
5.0l V10, 373kw

Grand Total: $603,991