Breaking Bad [SPOILERS]

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad S03 E12 yet, then you DO not want to scroll down. If you don’t watch the show at all, fix up, because it’s FUCKING AWESOME.

So so so so soooooooo awesome and out of the blue. Even a fucking headshot from Walt? This aint your mothers Bryan Cranston that’s for sure!

M-car Dreaming

So as the car nut is often wont to do, I found myself idly perusing TradeMe for cars I could never afford, when I found a couple of 80’s classics I really like. Which gave me an idea: collect the whole set! :>

1987 E28 BMW M5 – $26,000
3.5l straight 6, 210kw

1991 E34 BMW M5 – $18,000
3.6l straight 6, 235kw

2002 E39 BMW M5 – $56,000
4.9l V8, 294kw

2006 E60 BMW M5 – $114,900
5.0l V10, 373kw

1990 E30 BMW M3 – $49,000
2.3l 4-cyl, 158kw

1996 E36 BMW M3 Evo – $18,500
3.2l straight 6, 236kw

2003 E46 BMW M3 Convertible – $51,697
3.2l straight 6, 252kw

2009 E90 BMW M3 – $129,999
4.0l V8, 309kw

1983 E24 BMW M635CSi – $29,995
3.5l straight 6, 210kw

2005 E63 BMW M6 – $109,900
5.0l V10, 373kw

Grand Total: $603,991

Further to my rant at Vector

A while back I had a moan about the Vector campaign for fibre to the home.

I guess I now have to retract some of my vitriol, having read this article today, which contains a very valid point:

In order to participate in the UFB a company that has a majority share in the layer one infrastructure (ducts and cables) can’t provide retail services on that network. This rule – which the Government has adhered to staunchly – is to avoid what’s occurred in the copper world, where Telecom owns the infrastructure and provides ubiquitous retail services.

So yeah, Vector actually can’t sell me anything. Still, they have fibre running past my home, and there are providers on the network already selling services (including our ISP), so I think my base point still stands. Sell me fibre product at a residential price point NOW!

Trip Report: iPod Touch

I finally gave in to iFührer Steve. A small legal issue means I’m taking public transit for the next few months, and I decided I needed some way of entertaining myself for the duration of the hour a day I am spending being bounced and jolted around Auckland.

Music playing was essential, in no way was I going to be subjected to the rantings of the poor and the homeless, nor the modern trend of blaring shitty RnB music from a shitty cellphone speaker. But once suitably cocooned in my headphones away from the world, what then, stare blankly out the window? Be “that guy” staring at attractive female patrons? Read a book?

Previous state of the art reading technology manufacture.

Hahaha. No, this is 2010, there MUST be a better way. Thankfully, Dear Fatherly Leader Steve has led the way to revolution, with the iPod touch.

Note: Stock image, shitty music portrayed does not reflect actual playlist.

What exactly is an iPod Touch? Well, for starters, it’s a device that makes everyone say “oh, you got an iPhone eh?”, to which you sheepishly reply “ummm no actually”. So for starters, it’s NOT an iPhone. It is identical in every way, except it’s not a phone. Nor does it have GPS. It works the same, uses the same apps and looks the same, with the exception of being almost half as thin, and has a shiny metal back plate. You do still get Wifi and Bluetooth, although being a US product, Bluetooth is limited to A2DP for headsets fuck all useful.

I went for the 8gb model, which has an RRP of NZ$349. Already I wish I had more space, but I was being cheap. That’s why I didn’t just get an iPhone, which would be NZ$1149 for the model I want, sans Vodafone contract. I actually think $349 is good value though – sure, it’s hell expensive for an 8gb MP3 player, but an iPod touch does MUCH more than just play MP3’s. Compare it to PDA pricing, and it actually comes out very well indeed, considering how polished the UI is and how many apps are availible.

Apps are what I really want to talk about, and what really sold me on it. As mentioned, I’m not going to cart around an expensive dead tree book all day, that’s just silly in this day and age. So what does my app load look like?

Byline – $5.29

Byline does one thing, and does it well; it syncs to my Google Reader account and offline caches all the articles. It’s the first thing I read once I get on the bus, clearing out as many of my RSS feeds as I can. Works in portrait or landscape mode, provides buttons for each article to Star or Share it, and when you sync again when back in Wifi range, it marks the read articles as read in Google Reader. It also sorts using the folders you have set up in Reader.

The only things I wish it did better are some kind of automated push sync feature and stupid feeds that only show the first paragraph of the article, but that’s not anything that is Bylines fault.

Stanza – Free

Stanza is an ebook reader. There are now plenty of places who will sell you ebooks (not to forget Amazon’s pay service and their Kindle app), and plenty of sources for free books – both public domain, and uhhh, less than legal services. Great app, you can search/purchase books from within the app itself when online, and there is a desktop app that goes with it as well, although I haven’t really used that. I got used to reading on screen a lot quicker than I thought I would, except I can’t read lying in bed with my glasses off like I do with a real book. Also features coverflow mode too, although it’s a bit slow and not as polished as that in the music part of the iPod. Also supports landscape or portrait mode, but I prefer portrait myself. No good for books with illustrations however. Stanza site.

Instapaper – Free or $6.49

I’m using the paid Pro version. Instapaper has three components, the app itself, the Instapaper website where you make an account, and a bookmarklet for your browser. When you come across a long web page you want to read later, you click the Read Later bookmarklet you have on your browser bookmarks toolbar. It magically reformats the page into a readable format, stripping out all the junk, and puts it in your account on the site. When you open the app, it syncs to your account and pulls down the new pages for you to read whenever you like. Advantages of the Pro version are that it automatically syncs when you open it, saving a single button press, but also that it remembers your position on the page you were reading and supports tilt-scrolling. Also, the developer (who was lead developer for Tumblr) seems like good people. Instapaper site.

Plants vs Zombies – $4.19

YOU MUST BUY THIS APP NOW. I’ve actually paid for it twice, once on PC and once now for iPod/iPhone. What seems like a fairly simple tower defence game turns out to be highly addictive and full of irreverent humour and utter cuteness. Possibly the best game in the history of the planet? Maybe. Look out for the Michael Jackson Thriller Zombies, and prepare to lose that level while you crack up laughing. Popcap games RULE.

Logitech TouchMouse – Free

For those of you who have media computers, this is for you. Install the server software (Windows or OSX) on the machine you want to control, and it turns your touchscreen into a full touchpad and keyboard. One glaring downside is that there is no security on the connection, but if you’re happy with that, it’s pretty good.

Remote – Free

Apples own Remote app, is highly polished, looks and works exactly like the iPod music interface, except that via wifi, it will control iTunes on your computer(s). You can even make it direct certain music to certain Airtunes speakers. Neat.

Honourable mentions

Google – Also this is less useful if you have a Google Apps account you can turn ActiveSync on for, and Byline is better at Google Reader.
Twitterrific – Seems to be the best and most simple of the various Twitter apps, is definitely way better than Hootsuite. Currently using free version, will probably upgrade to Pro version.

In summary, you can see most of my apps are based around offline usage. This would probably change if I had an iPhone and had access to 3G data coverage. As it is, I’m mostly happy with my purchase, but I would prefer more storage space (even 16gb would be fine) and really, a iPhone would be better. But, also much more expensive. And I’m also already sick of having separate devices. GAH.

An Open Letter to Vector

Dear Vector

I note with interest your fibre to the door campaign, in which you’re aiming to gain public support in a bid for the National governments $1.5b broadband initiative. The simple fact that it raises public awareness about the issue is commendable.

However, on the other hand, it’s also taunting me. You see, me and my housemates are heavy internet users, for both business and pleasure. Currently our monthly bill approaches $200 for our consumer ADSL2 connection, so obviously we’re happy to spend a reasonable amount on our connectivity for a solid, fast, reliable product.

The problem is, right outside our house, within metres in fact, is a manhole cover. This manhole is stamped with the brand United Networks, which is now you guys. There’s even a CityLink manhole across the road as well. So, I know from both that, and your own coverage maps, that sweet sweet fibre is right AT my door already! Awesome! Yes?

No. See, no one will sell me access to it. Oh sure, a few of your partners WILL, if I’m willing to deal with systems set up purely to deal with corporate accounts, and pay a hefty sum in both service charges and hardware, well out of reach of a consumer. Ballpark of $1000/mo upwards plus a potentially hefty install fee for a non-lit building? Yeah, that aint gunna fly.

I just think it makes sense to try and get some residential roll out in the areas you already service, as it can only strengthen your case in trying to get a slice of that sweet government cash money. I know there are both technical and practical hold ups in doing this, but surely you’re going to need a residential test bed soon, right?


A heavy internet user who wishes to buy some of your products and services.

The Freestylers and Foreign Beggars


→ 3 Massive Zones with huge Mezzanine VIP Area
→ Heavyweight Reinforced Sound Systems in all zones
→ Plasmas / Projectors / Live Visuals / Cameras
→ Fully Air Conditioned
→ The PREMIUM Audio-Visual Experience at Auckland’s finest venue – Studio!


Six years on from their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Asylum Speakers’, followed by 2006 LP ‘Stray Point Agenda’ Foreign Beggars are back at it again with their long awaited third release ‘United Colours of Beggattron’. A truly genre meshing monster, smashing the listener with exactly what you’d expect from one of the UK underground’s most renowned groups: fresh and experimental hip hop music with a distinctive London twist.

Tony Truand’s video direction for crossover track ‘Contact’ (produced by DnB allstars Noisia) has racked up over 700 000 hits on YouTube since November 09 and the track was picked up by E4 for Skins Series 4. ‘Prove it’ reached no. 2 in the US College radio charts and second single ‘7 figure swagger’, with remix treatment from Brooklyn’s Machinedrum and UK Dub-Step tear-out kings Bar 09, is currently no.4 and no.2 in the Beatport and Juno Dubstep/Grime download charts. (December ’09)

Their dynamic live show has recently earned a call up from Prodigy as main support for their January 2010 tour, with the band having already toured internationally from Dubai to Toronto, Shanghai to Sydney. Steadily clocking up over 100 shows a year, every year, sharing stages with artists including Snoop Dogg, Amy Winehouse, Public Enemy, Ian Brown and De La Soul.

Foreign Beggars & Noisia – Contact!

Need more be said? Full Bio:


Rocking clubs and parties for over a decade now, The Freestylers are still one of the most exciting names in dance music. They’ve had Top 20 chart hits, headlined big festivals, sold half a million albums, toured the US supporting Lenny Kravitz, and were the first electronic act to play fully live on legendary BBC TV show Top Of The Pops.

Current stuff:


Full Bio:


Jason Howson
The ARC (Scratch22, Legal Money Mike + Paydirt)
Bromide Dub
Echo Company
Broken System
Danny G
Joe B
Corey K
Mitch Lowe
Danny Aytch
Nick Sandford
Jake Jonez
Allen O’Squeak
+ Many more to be announced!

THANKS TO: Duxton Auckland / UPFM / Pioneer Pro DJ / / Skullcandy / Ayesap






Besti Mix 6 – DJ Yoda

This mix is KILLER. 33 tunes in 30 mins! From Besti-Blog.

Right-click, save as.

01 Intro
02 Cashflow (SUBSKRPT remix) – Major Lazer
03 Rock Around The Clock – Big Freedia
04 Who It Be – Polo T
05 Sitargazer – International Velvet
06 Up On The Hill (DJ Yoda edit) – The Bamboos
07 Just One Cut – DJ Yoda & Nick Thayer
08 Now Here’s A Funky Beat – Mike 2600
09 Smoke – Busy Signal
10 Wine (Emynd remix) – So Shifty feat. Ward 21
11 Brazilian Rhyme (Danny Krivit re-edit) – Earth, Wind & Fire
12 Superstition (U-Tern & Neighbour remix) – Stevie Wonder
13 Kiss (Kid Cut-Up Bounce Remix) – Prince
14 Freak It All Night – DJ Guy feat. DJ Knowledge
15 Ignition – Downlink
16 Where’s My Monkey? – Parker
17 Everywhere (DJ Yoda edit) – Fleetwood Mac
18 Oye – Greenwood Rhythm Coalition
19 Lean Back (Thunderclaps Reboot) – The Thunderclaps
20 The Next Episode (Thunderclaps Reboot) – The Thunderclaps
21 We No Speak Americano – Yolanda Be Cool & DCup
22 Scottieottie – Scott Matelic
23 Here We Go – Jonny Blaze
24 Jumeirah Riddim Sequel – Sticky
25 128 Trek – Zinc
26 Tetris Funk – Martelo
27 Flat Top – Nick Thayer vs Will Styles
28 Who Shot Ya (DJ Yoda UK Funky Mix) – Notorious B.I.G.
29 Kalima Shop Titi – Poirier feat. Boogat
30 The Mucky Wizbang – DJ Moneyshot
31 Bring It Back – 8Ball & MJG feat. Young Dro
32 Gone – Donnis
33 Pon De Floor (Oh Snap!! Soca Roadmix) – Major Lazer

Krafty Kuts Fresh Kuts Feb 2010 Mix

Right-click save as.

1. Krafty Kuts – New Intro
2. Joshy Boys Boots – Weekend Mash
3. Sub Focus – Could This Be Real (Nitenoise Old Skool Re-Focus Mix)
4. Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer – Blau (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
5. Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
6. A-Trak – Say Whoa (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
7. Coburn – We Interupt This (Tai & Brave Remix Datadex Re-Rub)
8. Candi Staton – You Got The Love Acapella
9. Sidney Sampson – Riverside (Peo De Pitte & Kid Kenobi Remixes)
10. Westbam & Hardy Hand Feat Snoop Dogg – What’s Crackin – (Krafty Kuts Vocal Bass Mix)
11. Bird Peterson – Night Of The Hornheads – Revamp Mix
12. DJ Richie Rich Feat Rick Ross – Hustlin
13. Dave Darell – Flash (DJ Icey Re-Rub)
14. MC Duke – Miracles Acapella
15. Deekline & Dustin Hulton Feat Sporty O – Apple Bottom
16. Drumattic Twins & Plump DJ’s vs New Order – Good Monday
17. Daft Punk – Technologic Acapella
18. David Alterago – Sub Basic
19. Unknown – Music Is Moving Acapella
20. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock Acapella
21. Wolfgang Gartner – Front To The Back (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
22. Boris Delugosh – Bangkok (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
23. Ralphi Rosario Feat Xavier Gold – You Used To Hold Me Acapella
24. AB/DC – This Feelin (Boy 8 Bits Grindhouse Mix Icey Re-Edit)
25. Run Dmc – My Adidas Acapella
26. Carbon Community – Community Funk (Deadmau5 Remix Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
27. Jungle Brothers – Jungle Brother Acapella
28. Krafty Kuts Feat DJ Assault – Shake Them Hips
29. Daniel Haaksman – Kid Conga (Stanton Warriors Edit)
30. Unknown – Bass Power Acapella
31. Noob & Brodinski – Peanuts (Beatcue Remix Marten Horger Edit)
32. Sub Focus – Move Higher (Datadex Re-Rub)
33. Krafty Kuts Feat Stella MC – Children Of The Night
34. Drumattic Twins – Crazy In Love (Peo De Pitte Mix)
35. Sub Focus – Rock It (Stanton Warriors Remix)
36. Duck Sauce – The Motion (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
37. David Guetta & Afrojack – Toyfriend
38. Bodysnatchers – Tight Pants Acapella
39. DJ Icey – Amtrak
40. Marten Horger Vs Prodigy – Out Of Space VIP Remix
41. Oasis – Wonderwall Acapella
42. K Tel & Harvey – Boops Apocalypse